Lafayette Esquadrille Control Line Club

Home page for the Lafayette Esquadrille Control Line club based in St Louis, MO


Walt Brownell’s Gemini being flown by Mark Hughes (Twin electric)


St Louis County Parks information

We are an AMA Chartered Club #702

Meramec River Level

We Fly Control Line Stunt, Scale, Balloon Bust, Fox 35 speed, Carrier, Speed and Perky Speed CL models

click here for the engine run-up stand plans  –  RUN-UP-STAND-NORMAL


The USA and Canada World is cancelled due to travel restrictions due to COVID-19  (Get Vaccinated!)


Club Meetings have been moved to O’fallon MO

2021 Meetings –  Aug 12      Sept 9       Oct 14       Nov 11      Dec 9

We fly at Buder Park and have club meetings each month

Gus Vogele’s Bi-slob 

Gus Vogele with 1/2a racers


This picture was taken after the square pad was re-surfaced

DJI_0838 overhead cropped

Send in for your Buder Park pass today

The 2020 & 2021 Buder Park Pass application are the same – All funds improve the flying facilities – over 30K was spent for improvements since 2015

The Control Line and the Drone area at Buder Park are getting a Porta-A-Potti that will be funded by GSLMA !!


Be sure to include a stamped self addressed envelope so GSLMA can mail you your pass


2021 Contest / Event Schedule

Sept 18-19 – 2021 – Broken Arrow CL Stunt & Scale – Broken Arrow CL Stunt & Scale

Come fly in CL Speed for three days! – Sept 24-26


Click here of for the Fox 35 Stunt Speed Rules – fox-35-rules-feb-2017

Dec 2015 – Buder Park Flood pictures

Read how Buder Park was created in 1960 – buder-park-american-modeler-sept-1961

New to the St Louis area? – Follow this link to find stores and roads around the Buder Park area – Buder Park – Maps and Directions Rev B

Remember 2019?

Esquadrille Indian

these pictures are from Lou Matustik’s collection and show the Fort and the area that became the square pad

Gus Vogele

Charlie Reeves is the person on the right side of this picture



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Brain Teaser – What do you call a double size Ringmaster – A “Ringmonster” !

It’s cold outside so if you go flying bring the gloves, Hat, Jacket the next time you fly –

See you at the ICE-0-LATED contest! I am not making any promises on what the weather will be!