Lafayette Esquadrille Control Line Club

Welcome to the home page for the Lafayette Esquadrille Control Line club based in St Louis, Missouri

It might be late in the year but we are not done flying …. Nov 24 is our Turkey shoot contest

And then when it’s really warms up we have a contest in Feb 2020 called the Isolated CL Stunt & Speed (I have no idea how warm it will be)

F2A World Cup will return in 2020,start making your plans now (Date TBD)

F2A CL speed had a new personal best speed by Alex Valishev at 308.4 KmHr (and 1st place)… Wow!


Click here for the Meramec River Level

Click here to see pictures from our Aug 4 flying day

Buder Park is open (CL & RC) and ready for flying

The RC area floods at 18 feet and the CL area starts to flood at 21 feet

Darren flying his 38 Special on June 22

Esquadrille Indian

these pictures are from Lou Matustik’s collection and show the Fort and the area that became the square pad






***  The location of the club meetings has changed to 756 Woodside Trails Drive, Ballwin, MO ***

2019 Meetings –      Oct 10    Nov 14     Dec 12


We fly at Buder Park and have club meetings each month


Alex Valishev flew an F2A CL speed flight at 301.4 Km/Hr on Sept 27, 2018 – New Record!

We meet at the park on the 4th Thursday in the afternoon during Daylight Savings to Fly –   Oct 25


We are an AMA Chartered Club #702

Click here for the Meramec River Level


Come on out to Buder Park on June 24 for the Carrier Contest – This cloud rolled over Buder on May 20, 2018


We Fly Control Line Stunt, Scale, Balloon Bust, Fox 35 speed, Carrier, Speed and Perky Speed CL models


Buder Park Passes for 2018 – 2018-BUDER-PARK-FLYING-PERMIT-APPLICATION

Be sure to include a stamped self addressed envelope so GSLMA can mail you your pass


Click here of for the Fox 35 Stunt Rules – fox-35-rules-feb-2017

Dec 2015 – Buder Park Flood pictures


Howard Rush CL Stunt Contest Calendar

Learn how Buder was created in 1961 – buder-park-american-modeler-sept-1961



New to the St Louis area? – Follow this link to find stores and roads around the Buder Park area – buder-park-maps-directions

The roads are under construction so it will be messy until they are complete in July 2018



This picture was taken by a Drone flown over the CL site….just too awesome not to share (before all of the improvements)

Buder Park

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