Broken Arrow Contest Trophies

If you have even been to the Broken Arrow you will notice that our Trophies are all unique

As the contest results are read off each participant can pick the trophy of their choice and apply the plate from their event to the trophy

There are some special trophies that were designed by Gus Vogele who was one of the founding club members of the Lafayette Esquadrille CL club

Special trophies – Black Feather (best crash) and Top Notch award

stunt (45)

Event plates can be applied to the trophy of the pilots choice like this example below


The plates with text showing the event and how you place can be applied to the trophy


Everyone of the unique trophies is different and may or may not be seen again. We take older traditional trophies that are in great shape and also make them available in some cases

stunt (51) IMG_9417 IMG_9416 IMG_9415 IMG_9414