Fox 35 & Perky Speed

The Perky speed model was designed in 1946 by Matt Kania and was originally designed for an ignition engine

Excel Score sheet to calculate 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Average speed – Perky & Fox 35 speed Excel Scoresheet

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Today this model lives on in Postal contests, local contests and the Nationals that run the event

IMG_4530The model is very small and only has a 18″ wingspan and most today are powered with .15 sized glow engines

The event is flown with 52′ 6″ long solid lines (.014 dia) and is timed from a standing start for 16 laps. The fuel system must be a suction feed system (no pressurized tanks) and Tuned Pipes are not allowed

Engine size is limited to .15 cubic inch glow or diesel, or .19 cubic inch Ignition engine

The model has to be built to match the outline on the original plans including the wheel diameter and spinner, however the engine may be mounted inverted, upright or to the side

IMG_4531Even if you are not a experienced speed flyer you can compete in this event without a high tech engine

There are 4 awards for Perky, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and average speed. At any contests the top three speeds will get an award, but also the average speed is calculated and the person with a speed closest to the average speed also wins an award

With the average speed award you don’t have a high end motor to win an award

There is not much room for the tank - 1 1/4 ounces will be enough

There is not much room for the tank – 1 1/4 ounces will be enough

Speeds ranged from 106.59 mph as low as 49.7 mph for the postal contest in 2013 with 17 entries

Top winners were 106.590 mph, 101.680 mph and 99.998 mph

The Lowest speed was 49.7 mph, with the average speed of 81.32 mph

Click here for the Rules

You can fly with Perky Speed models in St Louis at the ICE-O-LATED, Speed contest and the Old Tyme Contest

Perky Plans here….download the JPG files and work from them