Fred Cronenwett’s Profile Scale B-29

This model was scratch built from my own plans that were based upon the Koku fan 3-View. The 3-view was enlarged to 96″ span to take advantage of the wing area and nacelle size.

Electric motors in this size range tend to be same size regardless of what motor you get. I choose the E-Flite E-25, 870 KV version with a Hobby Lobby ERC 45 amp speed control. The 4S, 3000 Mah Lipo batteries are installed in slots on the Nacelles. Then installed the Tactic 650 2.4 Ghz control system for the throttle.

the wires run thru the fuselage, wing and nacelles so they are hidden.

The fuselage is made from 1/16 balsa sheet, carbon fibre cloth on the inside of the skin, then built up with 1/2″ x 3/4″ sticks. Then the whole model was fiberglassed which makes the 6 foot long fuselage very stiff.

Once the entire model was fiberglassed with 3/4 ounce glass cloth the model was primed and then painted with Lustrekote aluminum. Then ink lines were applied along with the markings. Then KB Diamond clear was applies over this finish.

The model was first flown in June of 2013 and then flown at the 2013 Nationals to a 1st place finish in Profile scale. In 2014 the B-29 earned a 2nd place award, top Static and NASA Flight Achievement award.

This model comes in at 13 lbs and flies like a large glider with no bad habits

Aerial Video from Fred Cronenwett’s 96″ span B-29 flying over Buder Park