2017 Speed Cup of Canada – TBD, 2018

2018 Speed Cup of Canada will be an F2A CL speed contest using FAI Rules and judges

The contest has been sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) as event #TBD

Contest director: John Moll

Read Me – 2017-speed-cup-of-canada-bulletin-1

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Questions ? E-mail us at –  Worldcup2017@F2aSpeed.org

Flying Site: Buder Park – GPS location: 38.5416, -90.4911 –  265 Valley Park Road, Valley Park, MO

Contest Hotel: Pear Tree Inn @ 1100 S Highway Drive, Fenton, MO — Call 1-800-325-0720


Local information & maps: buder-park-maps-directions

STL Lambert Airport information: international Airport


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