Speed Contest – May 14-15, 2022

Get ready for the Lafayette Esquadrille Speed contest to be held on May 14-15, 2022

We offer all speed events including jets and FAI speed

You can fly Perky, Fox 35 speed and all of the traditional CL speed events to get ready for the AMA nationals

Click here for the 2020 contest flyer  – Midwest CL Speed – May 2021

John Moll will be our CD


North American Speed Society   NASS             F2Aspeed.ORG


The Fox 35 speed powered can be any model…we are not kidding, any model it just has to be powered with a Fox 35 stunt!

Design a new model with a Fox 35 stunt or take an existing design



If you don’t know your way around St Louis use these maps and information Buder Park – Maps and Directions Rev B

We have a world class speed circle with a fence and facilities that make for a great warm-up for the Nationals in July – the circle was resealed in 2017

The Lafayette Esquadrille CL members come out and help run this event so you can concentrate on getting the models ready

We fly at Buder Park in Valley Park, MO