Broken Arrow CL stunt & Scale – Sept 15-16, 2018

We will be flying at Buder Park in Valley Park, MFollow this link to find stores and roads around the Buder Park area – buder-park-maps-directions

Special Note – The rules for CL scale have changed for the 2017-2018 rule book, be sure to read the updated rules!

Line diameters have changed for CL scale, so check your line diameters in the new rules!

Click here for the 2017 Contest flyer – Broken Arrow 2017


Stunt Events – Basic Flight, Classic / Nostalgia 30, Old Time, Profile, PAMPA classes: Beginner, intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Classic and Nostalgia 30 will both be run, but you can’t enter both, pick the one you like best

Scale Events – Military Sport Scale, Civilian Sport Scale, Military Profile Scale, Civilian Profile Scale, 1/2a Scale

Note the paint job in Scale determines if the model are flown in the Military or Civilian category, you can enter an P-51 Mustang with Civilian markings and still fly in Civilian Sport scale

1/2a Scale will use the new AMA rules – Event 529 (click here to read the new rules)