Turkey Shoot – Nov 18, 2018

Welcome to the new contest that the Lafayette Esquadrille CL Club will be hosting a new event called the Turkey Shoot!



We had 6 entries in 2015 – 4 entries in 2017

This is where you take one model and fly three events

Click here for the Rules .. Turkey Shoot rules

Fast and slow race

Balloon Bust



Scramble – install glow plug, fill tank, install prop, start engine and fly one lap – looking for fastest time

The model must have 60 foot lines and an engine no bigger than .36

Winner will take home a frozen turkey!

The contest will happen this despite the fact that we have lost Jason Pearson


2014 Champion – John “Gravy” Moll

2014 Pictures

2015 Champion – Gary “Combat” Frost

2015 Pictures

2017 Champion – John “Dispicable me” Moll

2017 Pictures

turkey shoot 2015