Turkey Shoot – Oct 9, 2022

Welcome to our annual contest to kick off the holiday season with some cold weather flying and maybe win a frozen Turkey! a fun event that is open to anybody!

The Date has been moved to Oct 9th to improve our chances on good weather


This is where you take one model and fly three events

The safety cable around the engine is not longer required since Combat has been replaced with scramble

Click here for the Rules .. Turkey Shoot rules

Fast and slow race

Balloon Bust



Scramble – install glow plug, fill tank, install prop, start engine and fly one lap – looking for fastest time

The model must have 60 foot lines and an engine no bigger than .36

Winners (top 3) will take home a frozen turkey!

The contest will happen this despite the fact that we have lost Jason Pearson


2014 Champion – John “Gravy” Moll

2014 Pictures

2015 Champion – Gary “Combat” Frost

2015 Pictures

2017 Champion – John “Dispicable me” Moll

2019 pictures

2019 Champion – John “Bonzo” Garrett

2021 Champion – John “Dispicable Me” Moll

Original Contest flyer from Jason Pearson when we started this contest in 2014

turkey shoot 2015