Turkey Shoot – Nov 19, 2017

Welcome to the new contest that the Lafayette Esquadrille CL Club will be hosting a new event called the Turkey Shoot!



We had 6 entries in 2015

This is where you take one model and fly three events

Click here for the Rules .. Turkey Shoot rules

Fast and slow race

Balloon Bust

75 MPH Combat

The model must have 60 foot lines and an engine no bigger than .36

Winners will take home a frozen turkey!

The contest will happen this despite the fact that we have lost Jason Pearson

Some of the rules may change but be prepared to bring the same kind of model that was flown last year

More details to come on the 2016 event

2014 Champion – John “Gravy” Moll

2014 Pictures

2015 Champion – Gary “Combat” Frost

2015 Pictures

turkey shoot 2015