Christmas 2015 Flood – Buder Park

The Meramac river runs on the north side of Buder Park, this past Christmas 2015 the river was running very high. We had 3 days of solid rain dropping 10″ of rain into our area which made the Meramec river rise to the 44.11 foot level which is considered major flood stage

Captain we are taking on water….

These pictures were taken on Dec 28th, Hwy 141 was closed the next day making access to the park impossible






We Now need a submarine to fly our models on Jan 1st …. Can I get a Rain Check?

Special thanks to John Moll who flew over the site on Dec 31 when the river was cresting at 44.11 feet, notice the shelter and the speed fence is not visible. you have to know what trees to look for to know where the CL circles are located




Buder 12-31-15 John Moll





On Jan 10th the County opened the gates, the sun was shining and was able to get some good pictures of the park, these are the main roads. Notice that the engine run-up stands and picnic tables floated to a new area of the park. The Porta-a-Potti needs some servicing!


The door in the upper right hand side of the picture gives you some idea how deep the water was

IMG_0957 IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0945a IMG_0931 IMG_0930 IMG_0929 IMG_0928 IMG_0927 IMG_0912 IMG_0910 IMG_0909 IMG_0894 IMG_0891 IMG_0890 IMG_0869 IMG_0865 IMG_0863













The CL area had thin film of mud on the circle but nothing that a good rain can’t take care of. Also notice the thick layer of leaves and other organic debris in the speed fence. The shelter survived without any damage. The damage to the fence near the parking area was there before the flood

IMG_0899 IMG_0898 IMG_0897 IMG_0896 IMG_0895 IMG_0892 IMG_0889 IMG_0888 IMG_0887 IMG_0886 IMG_0885 IMG_0884 IMG_0882 IMG_0880 IMG_0879 IMG_0878 IMG_0877 IMG_0875 IMG_0874 IMG_0872 IMG_0871 IMG_0870 IMG_0864 IMG_0873



















This is the RC flying site with similar conditions

IMG_0942 IMG_0941 IMG_0940 IMG_0939 IMG_0938 IMG_0937 IMG_0936 IMG_0935 IMG_0934 IMG_0933 IMG_0932 IMG_0908 IMG_0907 IMG_0906 IMG_0905 IMG_0904 IMG_0903 IMG_0902 IMG_0901 IMG_0900