AMA Nationals – CL Scale 2015

Here are pictures and results from the 2015 AMA Nationals, follow the link for each event below

With a brief rain storm on Friday and hot temperatures made for a heat index above 100 degrees. The weather was cool on Sunday with one round being flown on Sunday. There were the typical mechanical other problems across all of the categories. There was one crash and three airplanes had retracts that worked without any problems.

F4B has been replaced with Authentic Scale and 1/2a scale is now an official event. With 50 entries this years contest was one of the best

1/2a Scale               Fun Scale              Profile Scale               Sport Scale                 Team Scale              Authentic Scale              Group & People PIctures

Nats News CL Scale Begins                             Nats News Day 2                      Nats News Day 3                          Nats News Results

Here are your AMA Champions for 2015

1/2a Scale – Frank Beatty          Fun Scale – Burt Brokaw                                         Profile Scale – Fred Cronenwett

Sport Scale – Ed Mason           Team Scale – Allen Goff / Mike McHenry                 Authentic Scale – Grant Hiestand