ICE-O-LATED Photos 2015

6The weather is always an issue at the ICE-O-LATED Stunt and Speed contest in February

The park Ranger can close the park, we can get snowed out or it could be really warm….we got the artic blast of cold air and we still flew. And thanks to Randy who brought out his Propane heater we survived. John Moll brought out the tarps so that we could block the cold wind from the north

We never know until a few days before the contest what conditions we are going to have, in this case the conditions changed on Friday evening with more snow and yet the snow melted on Saturday and we flew on Sunday. We were all freezing but you gotta fly!

Thanks to everyone who braved the extreme cold to come out and help, time and judge the events

2015 ICE-O-LATED Contest Results

Fred Cronenwett

Buder in snow

Saturday at 10:30 am


At this point we were not sure what conditions we would see on Sunday








Dan McEntee flying – The snow was melted by 2pm on Saturday afternoon – And it snowed the day before ??


Fox 35 Speed had three entries and more are expected to show up at the May Speed contest…Jason Pearson has set the record to beat!


Jason Pearson won the event with a 84.95 MPH speed, didn’t know a Fox 35 Stunt could go that fast!



John Moll (2nd), Jason Pearson (1st) and Tim Pansic (3rd) flew Fox 35 Speed

IMG_5282 IMG_5280 IMG_5279 IMG_5278 IMG_5260 IMG_5257  IMG_5253 IMG_5252 IMG_5251 IMG_5248 IMG_5247  IMG_5244 IMG_5243 IMG_5242  IMG_5239 IMG_5237 IMG_5236 IMG_5235 IMG_5234 IMG_5232 IMG_5230 IMG_5151 IMG_5150 IMG_5148 IMG_5145

IMG_5283 IMG_5254 IMG_5246 IMG_5241