Speed Photographs 2015

Speed Contest – May 16-17, 2015

The weather was touch and go the entire weekend and except for 2 hours of rain Saturday morning we were able to fly all of the events

The events with the most entries was the Perky and Fox 35 speed events

We had some spectators watch and even a snake was spotted that made a few people nervous, but it was not a problem


Sport Jet  F2A Speed C speed B Speed 049 speed 049 Proto 21 Sport Speed





Perky Speed Fox 35 Speed





Contest Pictures:


Fred Cronenwett with the Average award for Fox 35 speed, Enjoy the pictures! I am normally behind the camera and rarely in the pictures


John Moll our CD with the Average Award for Perky Speed


Billy Hughes grinning because he just beat John Moll in Fox 35 speed by .2 MPH!


Command central for timing the flights – Special thanks to all of the club member who came out to help with this task

IMG_6248 IMG_6246 IMG_6245 IMG_6244 IMG_6243 IMG_6242 IMG_6241 IMG_6240 IMG_6239 IMG_6238 IMG_6237 IMG_6234 IMG_6224 IMG_6223 IMG_6222 IMG_6221 IMG_6214 IMG_6192 IMG_6191 IMG_6190 IMG_6189 IMG_6188 IMG_6186 IMG_6185 IMG_6182 IMG_6180 IMG_6178 IMG_6177 IMG_6172 IMG_6171 IMG_6169 IMG_6167 IMG_6166 IMG_6164 IMG_6159






Lou Matustik & Glenn Lee who flew together more than a few years ago



IMG_6144 IMG_6140 IMG_6139 IMG_6136 IMG_6135 IMG_6134 IMG_6133 IMG_6132 IMG_6130 IMG_6128 IMG_6127 IMG_6125 IMG_6122 IMG_6120 IMG_6119 IMG_6118 IMG_6117 IMG_6116 IMG_6114 IMG_6113 IMG_6112 IMG_6109 IMG_6104 IMG_6100 IMG_6097 IMG_6088 IMG_6087 IMG_6085 IMG_6084 IMG_6079 IMG_6078 IMG_6077 IMG_6076 IMG_6072 IMG_6071 IMG_6070 IMG_6069 IMG_6068 IMG_6067 IMG_6066  IMG_6061 IMG_6058 IMG_6056 IMG_6053

























Pull test was quick and allowed quick processing for each flight

Pull test was quick and allowed quick processing for each flight














































Other models that were there at the flying site during the contest


Tim Pansic’s Beriot 125 with for 1/2a Scale


The Late Frank Macy’s model that appeared has never flown with an OK cub engine

IMG_6151 IMG_6150 IMG_6211 IMG_6208 IMG_6202 IMG_6200