Ice-O-Lated – Speed and Stunt – Feb 28, 2016

The Lafayette Esquadrille is crazy enough to host a contest in February to kick off the contest season. Since February can be warm to snowed in so we never know what conditions we are going to get until a few days before the contest. As we always say “We know it’s cold, but you gotta fly!”

This year we had winds that exceeded 25 mph all day which meant that the CL stunt models stayed home and for good reason. Luckily it was in the low 60’s so we were not freezing

But….the Fox 35 Speed and Perky speed models had no problem with the winds. They were a little more difficult to fly but nobody crashed and everyone was able to get a flight in. We flew the speed models until about 1pm until the wind started to hit in the low 40 mph range!

CL Stunt – No entries due to high winds!

Perky Speed:

Average Speed – 84.59 mph – Bill Hughes

  1. Bill Hughes              OPS SE                 93.40 mph
  2. John Moll                 OPS SE                 90.60 mph
  3. Bill Hughes              Bacbini                   85.13 mph
  4. Bill Hughes              OPS RE                 78.50 mph
  5. John Moll                 Taipan                   75.32 mph

Fox 35 Speed:                                               Link to Fox 35 Speed Rules:  Fox 35 Speed rules Rev A

Average Speed – 81.74 mph – Jason Pearson

  1. Bill Hughes             Fox 35 Stunt           96.70 mph
  2. John Moll                Fox 35 Stunt           91.06 mph
  3. Bill Hughes             Fox 35 Stunt           89.99 mph
  4. Jason Pearson       Fox 35 Stunt           77.96 mph
  5. Fred Cronenwett    Fox 35 Stunt           74.60 mph
  6. John Moll                Fox 35 Stunt          74.54 mph
  7. John Bruno             Fox 35 Stunt          67.00 mph

Bill Hughes releasing John Moll’s Fox 35 Speed model that took 2nd place

IMG_1589 IMG_1588 IMG_1530 IMG_1526 IMG_1523 IMG_1501



IMG_1586 IMG_1548 IMG_1550 IMG_1540 IMG_1531 IMG_1535 IMG_1538 IMG_1529 IMG_1524 IMG_1523 IMG_1520 IMG_1510 IMG_1507 IMG_1505 IMG_1499 IMG_1492 IMG_1610 IMG_1608


















Bill Hughes – Fox 35 Speed

IMG_1583 IMG_1560 IMG_1559 IMG_1558 IMG_1517 IMG_1518 IMG_1516 IMG_1513 IMG_1487 IMG_1490 IMG_1603 IMG_1602











John Moll – Fox 35 Speed

IMG_1581 IMG_1580 IMG_1579 IMG_1569 IMG_1568 IMG_1567 IMG_1566 IMG_1565 IMG_1564 IMG_1563 IMG_1533 IMG_1605 IMG_1604












Jason Pearson – Fox 35 Speed

IMG_1573 IMG_1572 IMG_1571 IMG_1570 IMG_1527 IMG_1521 IMG_1522







Fred Cronenwett – Fox 35 Speed

IMG_1582 IMG_1561IMG_1562




John Bruno – Fox 35 Speed

IMG_1576 IMG_1575 IMG_1574 IMG_1494






Perky Speed and Misc Pictures

IMG_1595 IMG_1594 IMG_1599 IMG_1597IMG_1593 IMG_1592