Broken Arrow CL Scale 2014 Photographs

We were selected to be a Qualifier for the NASA Scale Classic that was held on Oct 3-5, 2014 in Muncie Indiana. The 25% from the sport and profile scale event received an invitation the Scale Classic

Click here for more photos of Grant’s Spacewalker

Click here for more photos of Fred’s B-29

Click here for more photos of John’s Do-335

Click here for the results – Broken Arrow Results 2014

IMG_3240 IMG_3239 IMG_3238 IMG_3237 IMG_3235 IMG_3232 IMG_3230 IMG_3229 IMG_3099 IMG_3065 IMG_3055 IMG_3047 IMG_3024 IMG_2978 IMG_2961 IMG_2947 IMG_2942 IMG_2919 IMG_2916 IMG_2906 IMG_2905 IMG_2902 IMG_2900 IMG_2890 IMG_2879 IMG_2871 IMG_2865 IMG_2861 IMG_2842
Video that Lou Matuska took during the contest