Spirit of St Louis / Canada F2A World Cup – 2019 pictures (St Louis, MO, USA)

Come join us on Sept 24-27, 2020 for the next Spirit of St Louis F2A World Cup and the F2A Speed Cup of Canada world Cup to be held at Buder Park

You can earn TWO flight scores towards the F2A world Cup at these two contests held over a 4 day period because of the Canada & USA sanctions

This is Buder Park where we fly the F2A World Cup – this flying site has a fully paved circle with a safety fence (38.5416, -90.4910)

Lines are rolled out in this area and then brought into the speed circle

The Pavillion has picnic tables to work on the engines / models between flights

Our carrier deck doubles as an area to prep the model for flying

The officials are under this tent to record the speed of the model. We use the computer based speed measurement method which will give you the speed for all of the laps

view from the center of the circle, the circle is flat and was resealed in Oct 2019



Another view of the carrier deck with speed models being prepared for flying. Our two paved circles for general CL flying can be seen in the background





















Pilots have a clear view of the officials to signal when the flight is to start

The while board with red lines is used to judge if the model is too high or low. The pylon height can be easily adjusted for the pilot’s height



Pictures from 2019

Matthieu Perret, Alex Valishev and Bill Hughes were the Spirit of St Louis F2A world up in 2019














Spirit of St Louis F2A  World Cup Final Results

Alex Valishev has won the overall F2A World cup (2018 and 2019) flying at this contest


Canada F2A World Cup photos

Ivan Valishev was not there for the trophy presentation, Alex Valishev and Matthieu Perret were the Speed Cup of Canada Winners
















Trophies are custom made wood cups by John Moll and a medal

Speed Cup of Canada Final Results