Turkey Shoot – Nov 2019

We had great weather this year – in the low 30’s in the morning and warmed up into the 50’s or more by the afternoon

Meet our pilots to risked wing and tail for a Turkey

John “Bonzo” Garrett – 1st place

Dan “Mac” McEntee – 2nd place

John “Minion” Moll – 3rd place

Darren “Face” Young – 4th place

Fred “B-29” Cronenwett – 5th place

Jim “AJ” Baggs – 6th place


Group picture – Jim “AJ” Baggs, John “Bonzo” Garret, Dan “Mac” McEntee, Bob Arata, John “Minion” Moll, Darren “Face” Young, Fred “B-29” Cronenwett

Special thanks to Joe, Mary and Angela Pearson who helped with the balloon bust portion – We all remember Jason Pearson

Joe donated all of the Balloon bust equipment to the club several years ago

Mark Hughes helped keep scores, knelling in front

Damage report

Fred “B-29” Cronenwett had to repair the model twice to keep flying

Jim “AJ” Baggs had major damage to his wing during the Balloon Bust portion (look at left wing in picture above)

The original scramble airplane was completely destroyed, nobody survived


The Airplanes

John “Bonzo” Garrett

Dan “Mac” McEntee

John “Minion” Moll

Darren “Face” Young

Fred “B-29” Cronenwett


Jim “AJ” Baggs

Fly as fast as you can then as slow as you can






streamers can be used to help slow the model down

Balloon Bust