Grant Hiestand’s 1/3 Scale Spacewalker

This CL scale model was built by Grant Hiestand in 1993 for the Nationals. The model has been recovered once and additional detail has been added over the last 22 years.

Grant Started out with electric power with a brushed Astro-Flight 90 electric  motor and NiCad batteries. It was flown with down the line electronic controls for many years until it was switched over to 2.4Ghz controls in 2013

Grant is the one who wrote the AMA rule proposal to make 2.4Ghz legal for CL scale, it is now becoming the system of choice over the insulated lines and down the line electronic controls.

While this was built from the Sig kit it has been kit bashed in almost every way possible so that the model matches the scale documentation.

When the brushless electric power systems became available this model was converted to the E-Flite E160 electric motor with an 80 amp speed control. The system requires three batteries, each have 5000 Mah and are a 3S. Hooked in series this makes for a 9S battery. Grant can get two flights out the batteries per charge

In 2014 a sound system was added, this sound system put a speaker inside the fuselage. The electronics with the sound system are linked to the speed control and broadcast the correct sound that matches the real engine that was installed in the full size aircraft. The sound system even has the start up and shut down sounds.

The batteries are installed in the nose, the batteries maintain the correct CG location

Grant took 1st place at the 2013 Nationals with this model in Sport Scale and also won the NASA Flight Achievement Award. Grant has won numerous 1st place awards with this model

If you look at the pilot bust you will notice that it looks like Grant, that is because it was 3D printed, contact 3Dfigureworks to get one that looks like you

The video shows the model flying at the 2014 Broken Arrow CL scale contest with the sound system from Model Sounds in Canada, listen closely when the electric motor starts turning






IMG_3179IMG_3158Feb 2015 CL Scale #3IMG_2844