Turkey Shoot 2014

This was the most interesting contest to watch and be a spectator because the pilots take one model and fly it in three different events.

The motor can’t be any larger than .36 and you have to fly fast, slow, pop balloons and fly some limited combat

Step 1 – Fly as fast as you can, your time is recorded in seconds

Step 2 – Fly as slow as your can, the time is recorded in seconds

The difference between the slow and fast time is the number of points you get for that portion

Step 3 – Pop as many balloons as possible in 6 minutes, you get 5 points for each balloon you pop

Step 4 – Combat with the other pilots, however it does not have all of the features of full combat

Then you add up the points you earn for fast & slow flight, balloon pop and Combat and you have the winner! Enjoy the pictures


Jason Pearson, John Moll and Ed Palacios


John Moll breaking a Balloon – Direct Hit












IMG_4268 IMG_4271  IMG_4267 IMG_4250 IMG_4249 IMG_4245 IMG_4242 IMG_4238 IMG_4237 IMG_4232 IMG_4220 IMG_4219 IMG_4213 IMG_4211 IMG_4208 IMG_4207 IMG_4200_cropped IMG_4192 IMG_4191 IMG_4189 IMG_4186 IMG_4178 IMG_4173 IMG_4172 IMG_4167 IMG_4166 IMG_4165 IMG_4164 IMG_4163 IMG_4162 IMG_4161 IMG_4159 IMG_4158 IMG_4157 IMG_4152  IMG_4149 IMG_4148 IMG_4147 IMG_4146 IMG_4145 IMG_4143 IMG_4142 IMG_4141 IMG_4136





Joe Pearson made the equipment for the Balloon Pop portion, it worked great