ICE-O-LATED CL stunt & Fox 35 Speed, Perky Speed – Feb 27, 2022

Start making plans to attend the ICE-O-LATED at Buder Park in Valley Park, MO on Feb 27th, 2022

Follow this link to find stores and roads around the Buder Park area – Buder Park – Maps and Directions Rev B

AMA Sanction #9386 – Click here for 2021 Contest Flyer – Ice-O-Lated 2021 Contest

Pilot’s meeting at 9am

call or text me regarding the weather or the condition of the park if you are driving from a distance – Fred Cronenwett (316) 680-1515

Basic Flight – Easy pattern for Beginner pilots

Profile Stunt – Profile Fuselage and Side mounted engine, 10 point bonus for NON-flapped models, no appearance points. AMA rules for safety, engine/motor sizes, pull test and line sizes. Electric powered models are allowed, but will lose 10 points due to electric power.

PAMPA stunt – AMA rules for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

Fox 35 Speed – Club rules for a fun event with a Fox 35 and any airplane, I mean any model… here are the rules –  fox-35-rules-feb-2017

Perky Olde Tyme Speed – 2000 Postal Rules, .014 solids – Click here for Rules



John Moll flying on Jan 1st in 2013

John Moll flying on Jan 1st in 2013