2016 Speed Contest Photos

Our annual Speed contest got pushed into April to allow the FAI team to attend …They are in Perth, Austrailia at the 2016 FAI World Championships

Special thanks to John Moll for pulling this contest together and the entire Lafayette Esquadrille for getting the flying site cleaned up for the contest

Good luck guys and have a great time!

Click here for full results  – Speed 2016 Results


2016 Speed FAI Team: Carl Dodge, Ivan & Alex Valishev , Bill Hughes, Chris Montagino

I know this is a model airplane website but when the St Louis blues and the Chicago Blackhawks are in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs we had some fun with this….


St Louis pilots wanted the Blues to win Round 1 of the playoffs


We must of had a Blackhawk fan at the contest…by the way St Louis did win Round 1 and move on to Round 2








General pictures

IMG_8665 IMG_8664 IMG_8659 IMG_8656 IMG_8654 IMG_8650 IMG_8649 IMG_8647 IMG_8645 IMG_8642 IMG_8962 IMG_8814 IMG_8794 IMG_8793 IMG_8694 IMG_8680 IMG_8671 IMG_8670 IMG_8669 IMG_8668 IMG_8666
















Fox 35 Speed

IMG_8973 IMG_8971 IMG_8955 IMG_8954 IMG_8952 IMG_8950 IMG_8947 IMG_8945 IMG_8944 IMG_8929 IMG_8928 IMG_8896 IMG_8895 IMG_8893 IMG_8892 IMG_8877 IMG_8870 IMG_8853 IMG_8851 IMG_8850 IMG_8848 IMG_8844 IMG_8842 IMG_8841 IMG_8840 IMG_8839 IMG_8833 IMG_8824 IMG_8822 IMG_8818 IMG_8817 IMG_8808 IMG_8806 IMG_8795 IMG_8782 IMG_8780 IMG_8778 IMG_8764 IMG_8763 IMG_8761 IMG_8749 IMG_8746 IMG_8745 IMG_8743 IMG_8742 IMG_8734 IMG_8733 IMG_8730 IMG_8723 IMG_8716 IMG_8699 IMG_8698 IMG_8690 IMG_8678 IMG_8653


































Perky Speed

IMG_8737 IMG_8735 IMG_8725 IMG_8724 IMG_8682 IMG_8681 IMG_8874 IMG_8872 IMG_8866 IMG_8830 IMG_8829 IMG_8827 IMG_8799 IMG_8797 IMG_8796 IMG_8759 IMG_8758 IMG_8753 IMG_8752













F2A Speed – FAI

IMG_8969 IMG_8890 IMG_8889 IMG_8888IMG_8882 IMG_8881 IMG_8880 IMG_8859 IMG_8825 IMG_8805 IMG_8714 IMG_8714 - Copy IMG_8713 IMG_8711 IMG_8710 IMG_8709 IMG_8708 IMG_8688 IMG_8676 IMG_8675 IMG_8674 IMG_8970
















Carl Dodge brought out his 1972, 1976 and 1982 FAI speed model that he flew at the World Championships

IMG_8940 IMG_8857 IMG_8856 IMG_8855 IMG_8854





Other Speed events

IMG_8943 IMG_8910 IMG_8907 IMG_8902 IMG_8900 IMG_8899 IMG_8803 IMG_8791 IMG_8790 IMG_8786 IMG_8784 IMG_8784 - Copy IMG_8775 IMG_8774 IMG_8768 IMG_8766













The line in this photograph represents where the water would have been during the 2015 Christmas flood here in Valley Park, amazing to think that the entire flying site was 26 feet under water!

2015 flood pictures

IMG_8640 copy


See you next year, in the mean time keep building that speed model for next year